XBMC + SoundGraph iMon/Futaba mdm166a patch

(iMon pictures taken with my crappy cellphone camera)
iMon LCD - "Vanilla" display output while playing a movie:

iMon LCD - With patch, display while playing the same movie; playback/movie/mpegvideo/dts/channelmap/spdif/in-out-resolution indicators lit; the bars above and below the display text show progress and audio volume:

Playing XviD - xvidvideo/ac3/inout indicators for sd-hd scaling lit:

Playing MP3 music - music/mp3/l+r-channels only, no passthrough (spdif off):

Playback of LiveTV (PVR) - SD-channel, stereo only, no passthrough (MP2 audio):

Watching HD-LiveTV and recording a channel - additional REC-indicator lit:

Futaba mdm166a - "Vanilla" display:

Futaba mdm166a - Patched, Homescreen:

WARNING! NOTE! DISCLAIMER! mdm166a pictures taken from & courtesy of xbmcnerds.com users!